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Best Tips on How to Choose Revision Strategies for Writing

There are things that are hard to do which include revising but when you are supplied with essay revision strategies for writing, you can able to have a good result. If you work hard on revising your paper, here are the best tips that you can have.

revision strategies for writing

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Best Essay Revision Strategies

Keep in mind that the main purpose for revision is to understand the topic and to practice writing and planning in answering questions. To do this, you need to organize your handouts, notes and other paper that you have so that you can have a coherent and convenient set of materials.

  • Make revision timetable: In the process of revising, you need to start at least four to five weeks or if it short, you need to start one week ahead of time. You need to create realistic goals but do not forget that you need also a break to make good essay revision.
  • Identify topics: In your essay, you need to identify your topic so that you can make a good revision. You need at least to have your main topic. It is important to understand your content and know your own abilities and interest.
  • Arrange: You can have a good essay when you arrange it. You need to make sure everything is arranged in advance for you not to have a hard time.
  • Analyze questions: In revising your essay, it is important to analyze the questions. You need to know what the problems are and what approach to use is, and for you to understand it better, you can rephrase the question.
  • Generate ideas: In your essay, you should at least have four or five arguments if it’s long.
  • Controversies: You also need to present the controversies in the process of revising. If you can summarize it briefly in your paper, it is better.
  • Check: When you are done, you need to re-check again your essay to ensure you did the right thing.

3 Revision Methods

  • Memorizing: You need to look at your notes for at least four to five occasions so that you understand it and able to fix them in your mind. You can use letters of phrase so that you will not have a hard time memorizing.
  • Note taking: You need to organize your notes so that it will logically flow and it is clear. You also need to write concise versions to have a good content. It is better when you create concise versions. This is important to reduce the time you need to invest in revising because the more concise you are, the easier you can able to revise. Take note that when it comes to note taking, less is more.
  • Drafting model answers: You need to work on questions to serve the focus for revision and this strategy will help you to remember and to develop critical skills

There you go the best strategies that you need to know when it comes to revising. It helps you to the fullest and it will be your guide, so you do your revision correctly.