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    The Harm of Cliches in Writing

    Ah, clichés. Some have called them the backbone of communication, but we like to think of them as the persistent acne of communication – annoying and unhelpful surface additions. Cliches don’t actually tell you anything. They’re familiar forms that really don’t let on much about what you’re writing. Particularly in creative writing, you need to be creative. But in academic writing, too, you’ll be doing your audience a favor if you reach for something a little more interesting than the standard comparison. Teachers look upon your work more favorably if it’s well-written, and that makes it worth the trouble of avoiding clichés. But how can you do so successfully? After all, it’s easy to use them without catching yourself!

    Why Cliches Are Dangerous for Your Essay?

    So professionals in formal writing strongly advise the writers to apply their own writing style let alone such creative writing as an essay. In our highly overloaded informational age, it is difficult to get distracted and lost in the information that is bombarding us every day. Cliches are not only annoying people who read what you wrote they also can cause several troubles with your writing, cliches are dangerous because:

    • They don’t convey the main idea of the sentence
    • They make your essay sound impersonal
    • They make an essay boring
    • They fail to drag the attention to what you write
    • They kill the originality

    common cliches in writing

    How to Avoid Using Cliches in Your Writing?

    • Think about cliches meaning. Subtract the meaning from the cliche phrase and rephrase in the other, more catchy way.
    • Try to use the alternatives that come up to your mind, for instance, if you use the expressions try to use the less widespread and well-known alternatives.
    • Figure out if the essay can actually be better off without the expression. Otherwise, look up for the synonyms in the thesaurus and use those instead.
    • Substitute the cliche with the more relevant informational block.

    Here you can see some examples of successful cliche substitution:

    • In this day and age –> nowadays, today
    • Baptism of fire –> difficult introduction
    • At the end of the day –> finally, ultimately
    • Fit for purpose -> meet the standards required
    • The path of least resistance -> the easiest course
    • Brave as lion –> determined character
    • Think outside the box –> think differently/creatively

    The Cliche Finder Tool

    Enter the cliché finder tool. This simple tool seeks out common clichés and points them out to you. All you have to do is copy and paste the passage you’re concerned about, then click “find”. The cliché finder tool will highlight your clichés in noticeable colors and you can go back and change the highlighted phrases. Easy, isn’t it? Since the point is to come up with something unique and original, the cliché finder can’t suggest ways for you to change a particular phrase, but think of how much your creativity will be stretched. If you’re a writer or artist, this is great practice for you to become more creative. Much like a synonym finder or a count the words online tool, the tool seeks to enable you to create better works in an easy, fun way.

    Why Use a Cliche Finder?

    If you’re going to have to change the phrases yourself anyway, why use a cliché finder? Here’s some great reasons why you should consider it:

    • It helps you be more creative
    • It’s more detail-oriented than a person
    • It holds you accountable
    • It has a large knowledge bank.

    To deal with the last point first, you don’t know every cliché. Technically, neither does our tool, but we can guarantee that it’s smart and will know more than any given human could, since its memory is largely devoted to this! As we discussed, it increases your creativity. It may also find clichés you’re aware of but simply missed when reading your own work. Finally, you may have a treasured phrase that you use often, and aren’t willing to give up. The cliché finder will point it out and hold you accountable.

    Use the Very Best Cliche Finder

    Not every cliché finder has the extensive database that ours does. We have combed books and newspapers and magazines to find commonly-used phrases that are no longer interesting and don’t conjure up vivid images. We are now ready to share our knowledge with you in the form of our tool. Try it out now and see how effective essay revision online can be!

    Eliminate clichés from your writing – choose our cliché finder now!