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Could You Revise My Essay for Free?

Is It Possible to Revise My Essay for Free?

There are a number of online companies that offer free essay revision or paper revision. This in turn prompts those who see these offers to ask companies such as ours “Can you revise my essay for free?” We don’t offer free essay revisions and neither do those companies that claim to do so. What they are actually offering is essay editing. The editing services they provide consist of running your essay through software that checks for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. The service they offer is both fast and free which is a big attraction. However it isn’t revision, and even the editing is prone to errors in spelling and grammar. The software doesn’t yet exist that can consistently provide error free edits, let alone a true revision.

What Our Revisions Consist of

When you ask “Can you revise my essay for free” you are asking for much more than just a spelling and grammar check. Our revision service consists of the following:

  • Additional research if necessary – If your paper has inadequate sources, our revision team will do additional research to ensure you have enough sources for your paper.
  • Rewriting and editing – A good revision often involves removing unnecessary information, or adding information that was left out. It may also involve reorganizing your paper so that your points are made in a more logical sequence and replacing words with another that is more precise.
  • Correcting mistakes in grammar and spelling – We use live professional editors who understand the context words are used in and all the complexities of the English language.
  • Reference verification – Sources are checked and properly credited
  • Plagiarism check on every revision we do
  • Final proofreading to ensure an error free paper

Contrast the above with the free service some companies advertise. A free spelling and grammar check that is prone to errors. We don’t revise essays for free, but we do offer very affordable rates.

The Advantages of Our Essay Revision Service

Using our essay revision services gives you access to our professional writers and editors. All of our writers and editors have college degrees and many possess masters and PhD level degrees. Those working on your revision will be educated in the topic field at the appropriate academic level. We also provide you with essay revision checklist and guarantee every revision to be of high quality, error free and to contain no plagiarism. Other benefits include:

  • Affordable rates. Get a free online quote before committing to a revision. Discounts are available.
  • Quick and easy online order and payment process
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Complete customer confidentiality

When you need an essay revision, contact us for guaranteed superior service at affordable rates!