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Essay Expander Special Offer


Why Your Essay Length Matters

essay expander toolWe’ve all had that teacher who was strict about the lengths. In fact, most of us have probably had several of that teacher. You’ve probably cursed their name as you typed another paragraph, desperately hoping to finally get up to the three-page mark on a topic that simply isn’t robust enough. Possibly you’ve written in the dead of night, furiously hoping to get to five pages in the three hours you have left before an early class. It’s not fun. That’s why you need an essay expansion tool or verbose generator.

You don’t have to stuggle any more, all you need to do – check out essay revise professional service to improve your essay and make it written on the highest level!

How to Expand an Essay with the Tool?

  • Drop the paragraph or the sentence into the box or attach the file;
  • Press the “extend” button;
  • Copy the result at the bottom of the tool;
  • Proofread the result and make the corrections.

The essay expanding tool works by adding the information to the existing piece of writing by inflating it, – adjusting the sentences with the same meaning in different words and providing the additional explanations. The expanding tool might be very useful in case you need to quickly add the writing volume to the content, in most cases such thing might be good for generating the essays for your website. The tool will not change the existing information and will not create any additional meaning but rather expand the existing meaning of the sentences providing more detailed and long explanations considering things that have been said. Some shorter words the tool can substitute with the longer ones and the parts of the sentence could be modified with changing the verbs and adjectives.
how to expand an essay tips

Can You Write the Whole Essay by Expanding?

The verbose maker will replace the nouns in the article to the definitions, that could be a really convenient way of making your text larger and more detailed version of what you write, however, it has some drawbacks when it comes to the writing style as it is not the same as manual writing. If you submit the essay to the college or university the word count of the essay should correspond to the writing standards, as a rule, the length varies from 500 words to 1700 but could it be the perfect way out to extend the essay in such way? Probably no, the essay extending doesn’t add up the informational value to the text while the most important purpose of the essay is to make the writing useful and descriptive that is the thing that the tool can’t do for you yet.

How to Expand an Essay

how to expand an essay onlineWhat is an essay expander and how to use it? If you’ve never seen or used one before, this is a very good question. In brief, an essay expander is a tool which takes your work and looks for one-word phrases that could be multiple words, or short phrases that could be longer. To use, all you have to do is put the text in and click the button. It couldn’t be any easier. If you’re concerned about whether or not this counts as your own work, don’t worry. No new ideas will be put into your essay; your own ideas will simple be extended. Much like using a spelling and grammar checker, you’re just getting a little help to have a better essay.

Why Use Essay Expander

An essay expander is a great way to make your life easier, but should you really use it? What are the benefits? We’ll go over some.

Consider these facts:

  • It takes less time than writing;
  • It’s easy to customize afterwards;
  • It’s portable;
  • It’s free;
  • It’s instructional.

You can learn more than you think with an essay extender and accurate word counter! If you consistently come up short while writing, looking at how the extender works can give you some ideas as to how to remedy this issue. Plus, you can take it anywhere because it’s a web based tool. If you’re stuck in a crowd half an hour before your essay is due, no worries! You can still use the tool on the go. The time factor is also important. If you’re on a deadline, you might not have time to get that extra page in. With the essay expander, it’s no big deal. And you can tweak the output to make sure that it sounds just right to you if you so desire. There’s nothing else you need to get an essay of the correct length.

Only the Best Essay Expansion

The best essay expanders are put together well, with coherent syntax and solid vocabulary. Our essay revision strives to make sure that we fulfill those requirements. We know how hard the life of a student can be, so we want to make it easier for you. Try it for yourself and see how we did!

With our essay expander your life will be so much less stressful – check it out now!