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Explore Essay Revision Techniques from Our Experts

If you are done with your essay and you need revision, you need to know the best essay revision techniques and revision strategies for writing so that you present a wonderful essay to your professor that will give you a high score. If you are thinking what you should do, here is a guide that helps you.

essay revision techniques

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Tips on Writing Revision Strategies

  • Does all your sentences make sense: When you are done reading your essay, it is not enough because it is better when you read aloud your essay to know the words that you need to remove and what is still needed. Try to convert long sentences to short ones if you can do.
  • Are verbs precise and clear: If you have passive verbs, then you have to change them to active verbs. In your essay, you need to make all your verbs active because it is good to read and it is strongly suggested, so that when you are revising, do not forget this strategy.
  • Follow the action: if you think that there is something you miss out that readers should know, then read it again. You need to make sure that your readers will follow your story for them to understand what you are talking about. In addition, you need to ensure that all your transitions are easy to follow and it is clear.
  • Cut: If you are in doubt of what you have written, it is better when you cut it out to make your essay stronger. All essays become stronger when it is direct which means you need to remove anything that doesn’t need to be in your essay.
  • Does it sound like you: The most essential job in your essay is to reveal what is your character. If you essay do not sound like you, you can’t able o convey what you want to your readers. Most often, students revise essay lots of time wherein they begin to sound generic and flat. If you also start with it, you need to go back and be energetic.
  • Structure: In revising, you need to ensure that you have a good structure. You need to make sure that your structure is good for your essay to flow well. As much as possible, think of what structure you need to use.
  • Unique voice: In revising, you need to convey your unique voice.

It is hard to revise at first but when you know what you need to do, you can always create a good essay for your readers. The best strategies will help you a lot so you should know some of it or when you have lots of time, research for more because in all kinds of writing, you need revision and it will help you a lot.

Finally, there are many students struggling in revising their paper but the time they know strategies, getting started is not a hard because they have a great guide. There are also best techniques that you can know from experts on the web that will surely help you.