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Revision of an Essay Begins with…

Revision of an essay begins with the thought that you are about to read something good or something awful that you might want to toss it on a garbage can. That’s how hard and easy it is to revise an essay. This is mainly the reason why editors developed an essay revision worksheet to keep them from tossing bad papers into a garbage bin. An essay revision worksheet can be in Word format or Excel format. It contains a checklist of the elements of an essay and the way it treated each element. The editor can write down the comment, revise it automatically or list down the things that the paper is lacking.

Once you are through with how revision of an essay begins, you can start the Pre-reading stage. The pre-reading or initial reading enables you to form the outline of the essay. The outline allows you to see what the paper is all about – in a general perspective.

The second reading is getting what the idea is and how it was formed into words. This time, you have to work with an essay revision worksheet.

Revision of an Essay Begins with the Essay Revision Worksheet

The worksheet that contains the elements of essay such as the introduction, the body (with supporting details and evidences) and the conclusion will serve as your guide to your revision. On the worksheet, check how each element is connected to one another and how transitions are made.

Working on Online Revision Essay Examples

Aside from the manual labor of actually editing and revising an essay, there are online essay revising services that you can use. All you need to do is type ‘online essay revision’ on the search tab and let the search engine do its job for you. However, make sure that you look and review the revision essay examples posted before availing such service. You can also try more samples yourself before submitting them your work for revision.

Also, review the changes the essay help online software has provided for you before submitting your essay for your final grade. Make sure that you understood all the changes made and ensure that you have familiarized yourself with the original.

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